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February 11, 2015

In working with the cemetery records and obituaries, I’ve found quite a few names which were left off the cemetery list.  Some of those include tombstones for people who aren’t actually buried in the cemetery, and those seem to be more common now that more people are cremated; a family might choose to scatter ashes on a favorite mountain, but they still place a tombstone in the cemetery.

Other memorials are more obvious. There are memorials erected by organizations, such as the tree planted by the A.F.& A.M. (Click on the photos to see the original on Flickr).

AF & AM memorial tree

Or the flagpole erected by the American Legion to honor veterans.

American Legion Memorial

Sometimes memorials are dedicated to individuals, such as this memorial to George Ellery Brosius.

Brosius, George Ellery

“In memory of”
2ND LT George Ellery Brosius
Born Sept. 17, 1922

I’ve always been grateful that they erected that memorial to George so that every visitor to the cemetery can remember him.

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