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The closing of Granada

October 15, 2011

The National Archives “Today’s Document” shows a photo from the closing of Colorado’s Granada Relocation Center on October 15th, 1945.

I’ve noticed that one reason I so seldom post to this blog is because it takes awhile to do the research that backs up an entry.  So today, I’ll just leave you with some pertinent links about Granada.

Governor Ralph Carr is profiled by the Colorado State Archives, which includes this quotation:  One of the few voices of reason during wartime was Governor Carr, who continued to treat the Japanese-Americans with respect and sought to help them keep their American citizenship. He sacrificed his political career to bravely confront the often dark side of human nature. “If you harm them, you must harm me. I was brought up in a small town where I knew the shame and dishonor of race hatred. I grew to despise it because it threatened the happiness of you and you and you.”  

The book to read about Governor Carr is The Principled Politican by Adam Schrager which I own, but have yet to read.   An indication of his reputation in modern-day Colorado is a building project named after him, the Ralph Carr Colorado Judicial Center Building, which you can learn more about here.


An interesting blog post about recent archaeological finds is here.  That article includes a link to the Amache Preservation Society, which includes some primary source documents.

The Colorado Archives has information about the camp itself here and links for more information here.  The National Archives has an “exhibition” about the camp here.  You can find photographs like the one that illustrates this blog post by searching in Flickr: The Commons.

Christmas at Granada 1943



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