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Crossing the Colorado–twice?

March 17, 2011

My grandmother continues telling the story of the trip to Phoenix.   They traded for a new vehicle in Topock, Arizona, then they drove it over “that big high bridge” across the Colorado River.  She then tells the story of crossing the Colorado River on the ferry.   Does this mean they had to cross the Colorado again? Which ferry was it?  My father’s favorite story about the trip was that they arrived in Phoenix with snow in their vehicle.  Since the Phoenix children seldom saw snow, this was exciting to them.  My confusion continues about the exact route they took to Phoenix.   Perhaps the ferry trip happened on the way back to Colorado in the spring and Grandma conflated the two events in her story.  Too bad I can’t ask.

Photo is labeled "Joe 1927 Arizona"

I’m always struck by how small Phoenix seemed to be in 1926-27.  According to the City of Phoenix, the population in 1930 was 48, 118.

Click on the link below to hear the story.

Trip to Phoenix part 2


Arizona Roads historic maps, including a 1927 Arizona highway map
Arizona road map from Wikimedia commons

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