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Southern Colorado Coal Strike Photographs

December 12, 2010

Forbes, Colo. -- Slain miner and one of his fighting comrades

The Library of Congress uploaded an interesting series of photographs to its Flickr page yesterday.  They show the Ludlow Camp after it was burned and the battle at Forbes.  Like most descendants of miners, I know the story of Ludlow well, and I’ve visited the site near Trinidad.  But today was the first time I remember learning about Forbes.  I looked it up in Colorado’s Historic Newspapers and found a series of distressing headlines:

Strikers Battle at Forbes ~ October 23, 1913

Six Strikers Jailed on Murder Charge ~ October 31, 1913

Militia Raze Forbes Tents Again ~ April 2, 1914

Seven Strikers Held for Murder ~ March 26, 1914

Three Killed in Pitched Battle Between Strikers and Deputies ~ October 18, 1913

Long List of Killed and Wounded at Forbes Mine–Seventeen Known Dead ~ May 1, 1914

Ruins Disclose Ten Dead at Forbes ~ May 8, 1914

Man Clubbed to Death ~ Sixteen Strikers Under Arrest for Alleged Murder of Neil Smith ~ March 13, 1914

Here’s a link to one of the articles that gives some background on the strike.

Below are links to the remaining Flickr photos related to the southern Colorado coal strikes uploaded on December 10th by the Library of Congress.

Forbes Colorado–Correspondents Under Flag of Truce

Ruins Ludlow Colony–Trinidad Colorado

Comrade, after battle, rescuing body of slain miner

Close of Battle, Forbes, Colorado

Slain miner and one of his fighting comrades

Burning of miner’s camp at Forbes during strike battle

It’s good to keep in mind what the strikers were fighting for–among other things, they wanted higher wages and an eight-hour work day.

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    January 3, 2011 10:28 pm

    A very happy and healthy 2011. Thanks for visiting Sydney Daily Photo – much appreciated!

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    January 20, 2011 6:31 pm

    Looking for more information on Starkville colorado

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