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Death of Flynn

October 21, 2010

I started reading old Colorado newspapers in an old-fashioned way–via microfilm–in search of obituaries to add to the USGenWeb project.  I became exceptionally fond of The New Castle News.

Although it had a mundane masthead, the writing is colorful.  Out of all the obituaries and articles I read, my favorite is Death of Flynn. Perhaps G.B. Henderson, the “ed. and prop.” wrote the article himself.  At any rate, after he left the paper, The New Castle News became less descriptive.

You might be able to guess from its name that New Castle was a coal mining town.  The newspaper is filled with stories of mining accidents.  A major accident occurred in 1896 when 49 miners, including children, were killed when the mine exploded.

I like the way the author describes Flynn as having dropped with a thud, that his friends hired the local brass band to play at the funeral, and especially the line which explains that Italians are particularly difficult to capture.

If you click on the image below, you can read the entire article.  My transcription follows the image.

Death of Flynn


Death of Flynn

the Italian, Who was Shot Easter

Sunday by Ginella.

One more victim of a bullet has perished in our town, and the one who did the killing escaped, though it was no fault of our efficient police force.  Jim Flynn died Monday afternoon, much to the surprise of everyone, as he was supposed to be out of danger, and getting along very nicely, but a severe hemorrhage set in, and caused one of the arteries which was partially cut by the bullet to burst and death soon resulted.  Flynn, who was a miner, stood very high among his countrymen in this camp, and they engaged the Tubbs band, and turned out in great force to the funeral Tuesday afternoon, laying the unfortunate to rest in style.  The row which led to the shooting occurred in front of Mike Gueirro’s saloon Easter Sunday.  A number of Italians who had been drinking started  to quarrel over a matter that The News man was unable to learn, and soon several of them jumped onto an Italian miner named Ginella,  knocking him down.  On rising to his feet Ginella reached in his pocket and suddenly jerked out a revolver, shooting at Flynn, who stood nearest to him and was one of his assailants, the ball striking near the left collar bone, and is supposed to have glanced along the shoulder blade, remaining near it in a place that the physicians were unable to locate.  Flynn dropped with a thud, and was picked up and carried to a small building in the rear of Mike’s saloon by a number of friends, where he remained until the end came.  Every effort was made to save his life, and just as he seemed sure of recovery, he suddenly died.  In the excitement, Ginella lost no time in making his escape.  Our chief of police thought at first that he might be in hiding, but a search failed to show any trace of him, and he is thought to have lost no time in leaving town.  It is hard to catch an Italian and it is doubtful if he will ever be found, unless given up by some of his countrymen.  There are a number who claim that he did the shooting in self-defence, but the feeling in the Italian quarters seems to be principally against him.  The mysterious taking off of Joe Savant shows how hard it is to ferret out crime, where entirely confined to the Italians.

Source:  Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection; transcription of microfilmed copy of The New Castle News.  Copyright notice:  “Both non-commercial and commercial web sites are allowed to link to specific articles and other pieces of content held within the CHNC, provided they do not misrepresent the content as being owned, controlled or otherwise provided by the referring web site.”

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